Monday, 2 February 2009


What the BBC describes as the heaviest snowfall to hit London for 18 years has transformed the view outside my window this morning. There are no buses on the roads in the capital, half the tube network is down and hundreds of schools are closed - just because it has snowed for less than a day. The good folk of Canada, Scandinavia and Russia must be laughing themselves stupid.

Later in the day, in continuing heavy snow, a flock of 18 Fieldfares emerged from the gloom over Alexandra Park and flew east past the Birdwatch office window - a rare sight in these parts. A pit-stop at the park's boating lake late afternoon revealed a drake Northern Shoveler - my first locally this winter - and 10 Common Gulls. I survived an unnecessarily scary drive home (why do local councils have gritting lorries if they don't use them?) to be greeted by a female Blackcap again in the beech tree, along with two Mistle Thrushes.


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