Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Flores strikes again

One of the two Bobolinks near Lajes today - a much-appreciated vagrant.

The sun was in a better position for photographing this Snow Bunting.
With the wind easterly backing northerly here in the north-westernmost Azores, there is little chance of new vagrants from the New World at present. But wayward Nearctic passerines linger on for some time after their arrival, replenishing fat reserves, and that is presumably what the two Bobolinks were doing in a hay field near Lajes today. A great find by Laurens Steijn's group, they were surprisingly elusive, but we all got good scope views and a few record shots in the end.

Slightly better views of the Buff-breasted Sandpiper today ...
... and the two Upland Sandpipers also performed, though always at range.
Also new for our trip list today were two very tame Snow Buntings at Ponta Albarnaz, where the two Upland and single Buff-breasted Sandpipers continue in residence, along with a Northern Wheatear or two (presumably Greenland birds). Elsewhere, we also renewed acquaintances with the Semipalmated Sandpiper at Faja Grande and the Ring-necked Duck and two Green-winged Teal at Lagoa Branca. It's been a great three days here, but tomorrow is time to move on. More anon.

ID quiz: name that finch. No prizes - just for fun.

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