Friday, 26 November 2010

Ice station Anser

Greylag (above) and Pink-footed Geese (below) in the freeze at Holkham.

A short-notice trip to Norfolk coincided with the coldest November weather for 17 years, with sleet, snow, ice and sub-zero temperatures making driving in the county an eye-opening experience today. It wasn't a birding trip, but a brief stop on the way up produced a ring-tail Hen Harrier flying south over Lynford Arboretum. I returned on the scenic route via Holkham to enjoy the spectacle of so many Pink-footed Geese in the wintry conditions.

Eurasian Wigeon get an early taste of wintry weather at Holkham.
Heading west on the coast route, a heavy snowfall and temperature drop made conditions suddenly hazardous, and a car ahead of me took a bend too fast and paid the price ...

It's worth slowing down on the bends when the road is covered in ice.
It was a long journey back to London, but thankfully the snow stopped in the fens and the motorway was clear. With even lower temperatures expected and more snow likely to hit the South-East in the days ahead, it'll be interesting to see if there are any hard-weather movements of birds in the region.

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