Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Bring out the bunting

My fifth bunting species in five days at Rainham RSPB, this dapper
Snow Bunting is shown at the entrance to the reserve shop ...
... and perched on the roof of the visitor centre before it absconded.

I went to bed with a bad headache and a tickle in my throat last night, and woke up feeling decidedly grim today. Nonetheless, hoping it would pass, I left early for work the long way round, taking in this fine Snow Bunting at Rainham en route. I was lucky with my early 10-minute stop-over - it took Jono five hours to see the bird later on. Feeling increasingly wiped out as the day progressed, however, I have now succumbed to a nasty infection, resorting to anti-biotics and rest. Thankfully, we've just had press week, so at least the next issue of Birdwatch is already in hand, and should start dropping through letterboxes in the next few days. Meanwhile, time for bed ...

London year-list update:
211. Snow Bunting.

Rainham patchlist 2010 update:
160. Snow Bunting.

1 comment:

  1. Chin up, Dominic. What a smashing bird! Looking forward to the latest issue.



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