Sunday, 23 January 2011

Waxwings for lunch!

Our local flock of Waxwings, seen in this shot taken from the house, now numbers at least 145 birds.
Sunday lunch at home was rudely interrupted today by the sound of multiple trills coming from the garden. On looking out of the window I could see rows of Waxwings lining the beech tree and an adjacent birch and TV aerials, so I shot upstairs to the study and took this quick shot with my Canon G10. There were at least 145 birds, which as far as I'm aware is the biggest local flock on record.

Earlier today I'd already seen a group two roads away which numbered 36 soon after 9 am, but had risen to 50+ by 12.30pm. I assume several local parties had banded together to put on this amazing lunchtime display - they've gone for now but I'll head out with the camera later and try and get some proper shots. UPDATE: no sign of the flock later in the day, so here are a couple of shots from when I first found them exactly a week ago in nearby roads, and also a sample video clip shot with my new Canon EOS 7D:

The Waxwings found a handy blocked gutter in which to drink and bathe when they had finished stripping berries.

The flock were sometimes nervy, closing ranks on TV aerials when disturbed from their berry bushes.

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