Sunday, 6 March 2011

Good turnout for gull workshop

Second-calendar-year Yellow-legged Gull - note eg the neat tail band and reduced window on the inner primaries.
Since returning from Thailand things have been pretty hectic and, bar a quick trip to Chipping Norton to see the Oriental Turtle Dove plus a few hours of gulling at Rainham, there's been little time for birding .

Having passed April's Birdwatch for press on Friday night, I was back at the tip at Rainham 12 hours later for the gull workshop with Martin Garner. Along with Ian Lewington there were 10 of us in total, some participants being based as far afield as Suffolk and Portland. It was an excellent day - I'll leave it to Martin to say more (check out his excellent blog at, but here is a selection of images of some of the birds of interest. 'Incidental' birding along the way was great, too, with a ring-tail Hen Harrier, Common Buzzard, Ruff, Knot and three Water Pipits all of note at Rainham.

A different second-calendar-year Yellow-legged Gull, this one showing heavily abraded wing coverts and tertials.
This third-calendar year Yellow-legged Gull showed well on the landfill, though no adults were seen.
A classic second-calendar-year Caspian Gull - note the white head, greyish upperparts and brown wing coverts.
Based on its large size and structure, this adult Caspian Gull is presumably a male.
An adult Mediterranean Gull most of the way to full breeding plumage.
Three leucistic Black-headed Gulls were seen during the day, including this individual on the landfill ...
... and this even whiter bird on the Target Pools.

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  1. Great capture! I love gull, there are plenty of them near my place:)

    Kah Wai



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