Saturday, 2 April 2011

Fudged duck

Presumed hybrid Ferruginous Duck x Common Pochard on the boating lake at Alexandra Park this morning. Note the red eye, bill pattern, darker breast and tell-tale grey in the wing (white in Ferruginous Duck).

The same bird as above. The undertail coverts can't be seen here, but were white sullied darker.
Had a short walk around the north end of my Alexandra Park patch this morning, and found this Ferruginous-type hybrid consorting with the Common Pochard flock. From some angles and in a certain light it looks more like a Ferruginous Duck, but the wrong features are readily apparent - for example the darker breast, sullied white undertail coverts, bill pattern, eye colour and grey in the wing. Nonetheless, always interesting to look at these birds and get to know them better. This is the third such Aythya hybrid I've found in the park this winter, though it is clearly more Ferruginous-like than the other two.

The real deal, for comparison: this female Ferruginous Duck was a one-day bird in south London at Burgess Park, Camberwell, last November. Note the head shape, bill and uniform breast/flanks.

Here are some more images of the Alexandra Park hybrid, with Tufted Duck and Common Pochard for comparison:

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  1. Nice to see some good examples for comparison purposes.



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