Monday, 25 July 2011

Down Mexico way

Male Vermillion Flycatcher at the Aztec site of Teotihuácan, north of Mexico City.
Greetings from Mexico, where I'm currently on holiday with the family. Why Mexico? Here's five reasons for starters:
  1. The birding in any country with a national list of more than 1,000 species has got to be top notch.
  2. From Aztec pyramids to Mayan temples, the cultural heritage is outstanding.
  3. The cuisine is among the best in the world.
  4. There is almost no chance of bumping into the oafish Jeremy Clarkson*.
  5. Nor his irritating nurk of a sidekick, Richard Hammond (Dick for short)**.
These weren't the only criteria, of course, but we knew from past experience just how good it is here. This is my fourth trip in recent years, and the third with the family. This time our itinerary will take in new locations in and around Mexico City, as well as more familiar territory in the Yucatan Peninsula.

While this is certainly not a birding trip, with more focus on family activities and other interests, birds will inevitably feature (and frequently, at times). Posts will be short and possibly sweet, as internet access allows, and will major on images, with just this handsome male Vermillion Flycatcher to get things underway.

* For more on Clarkson's ignorant slurs against Mexico and its people, see the BBC's website (and also this YouTube clip for another career 'achievement' when the Top Gear presenter quaffs Ortolan Bunting snack).
** See the first link above for the same from his lapdog Hammond.


  1. - I guarantee this will make you happy Dominic.....

  2. Love the 'slurs' on both Jeremy and Richard which were a tad too polite compared to what I - or you for that matter in a different place - would have called either of 'em, it just sickens me to think the BBC - and others - actually pay these dudes to be the Jerries and Dicks they really are.

    Apologies my comment is not bird related Domnic.

  3. hmm.. Clarkson as Cortez, Hammond as Pedro de Alvero and James May as Cabeza de Vaca, who after being shipwrecked in the New World and seeing the natives up close and personal came to the conclusion that "all the world is human", which just leaves their paymaster, the BBC, the imperial Spanish state?. Lovely Vermillion Flycatcher, memories of the male I had singing outside my window for a week in the Tambopata reserve in Peru in 1987, which reminds me, conquest of the Incas,Mitchell bros (Eastenders not Birdwatch) anybody?




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