Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Spring has sprung

One of six Peacock butterflies seen in the Broxbourne-Amwell area today.
With record-breaking March temperatures in parts of Britain at the moment, it's no surprise that spring seems visibly early this year. Apart from an early-awakening Red Admiral in February, I'd seen no butterflies until today - and then all of a sudden logged another five species. First up was a Holly Blue in the garden, followed by Comma, Speckled Wood, two male Brimstones and at least six Peacocks in the Broxbourne/Amwell area.

The excellent woodland at Danemead produced this dapper Eurasian Treecreeper.
Birds also featured, of course, not least this smart Eurasian Treecreeper at nearby Danemead. Also present in the Danemead-Broxbourne area where somewhere close to 10 Eurasian Siskins and two Common Buzzards, as well as the expected woodland species. There are plenty of summer migrants in now, but it'll have to wait a couple more days until I have the time to search them out properly.

The bird sang frequently in the afternoon sunshine ...
... and remained in view for an extended period.

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  1. A really nice blog you've got here!
    Interesting to see what the fauna is like where your are!
    As i surfed around, I may say you have some truly wonderful pictures!



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