Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Something completely different ...

Name that gull - if you can.
... but what? When I first saw this gull at my regular study site the other day, I did a double take. The strikingly white wings and bicoloured bill made it look potentially exciting, if not downright exotic. Some second-winter beast from the Pacific, perhaps? Or perhaps not ... its plumage looks in decidedly poor condition, not just  those heavily worn wings, but also about the head. Some tell-tale pale grey feathers are also visible on the mantle. Almost immediately on finding the bird it flew off through the throng of feeding gulls, but soon after I relocated it in a loafing area, where it promptly went to sleep. The image below, taken just before it did so, reveals it to be a second-winter bird - I presume simply a very unhealthy European Herring Gull, although in this state it's hard to tell to be sure.

Another view showing the wings above and below, and the tail. Second-winter European Herring Gull, presumably?

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