Tuesday, 13 November 2012

White-rumped record-breakers!

Autumn 2012 will long be remembered in the Azores for the record-breaking influx of White-rumped Sandpipers. This flock roosting over high tide at Cabo da Praia, Terceira, on 19 October was part of a gathering of at least 180 present at the site - one of the largest single groups ever recorded in Europe (though numbers there peaked earlier at well over 200). It's not often that you see Sanderlings in Europe outnumbered by White-rumped Sandpipers, so enjoy!


  1. Interesting - what was the ratio of First-Winter type birds to adults?

    Laurie -

  2. Thanks for the feedback. In this flock, the great majority are juvenile birds, but during the eight days of the tour we did see a few adults. For example, in another gathering of 30 birds, at least two were adults, both still retaining some traces of breeding plumage.



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