Monday, 15 September 2014

Another Scandinavian gull ...

Second-summer (third-calendar-year) Great Black-backed Gull with a Norwegian ring, in Suffolk.
... this time a colour-ringed Great Black-back, which I found while gulling at Walberswick, Suffolk, last month. JY097 was ringed as a chick on a small island off the northern tip of Denmark on 28 June 2012, and as a first-winter was sighted four times in the Boulogne area, northern France, in February and March 2013. Since then there had been no further reports until I spotted it lounging on the concrete jetties at Walberswick on 3 August. My guess is that it has probably remained well south of its natal area since it first left, and might not return there until three or four years old, by which time it will effectively be a young adult and approaching breeding condition. Another fascinating example of what colour-ringing can teach us about bird movements.

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