Friday, 23 January 2015

Wintering Greenshanks - in Scotland

Eight Greenshank with Common Redshanks, Dunlin and other species at Cramond today.
While up in Edinburgh for a couple of nights, visiting my Dad and squeezing in a little incidental birding as time permits, I came across this group of eight Greenshank on the mud at Cramond. In all my years of visiting Edinburgh I don't recall seeing the species here in winter before, though Kris Gibb, who runs the excellent Birding Lothian website, says a few are regularly reported there - eight, however, is a high count for the site. On checking The Birds of Scotland (Vol 1), up to 90 were reported around the country in January-February 2001, the highest winter site counts being 13 and 12 (both from Clyde). Milder winters are said to be the possible cause of increasing numbers, which seems likely for a species traditionally associated with the south and west coasts in winter.

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