Monday, 24 August 2015

Birdfair 2015

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Another August, another British Birdwatching Fair - I've just attended my 25th successive event with Birdwatch, which was first publicised at Birdfair back in August 1991. Things are a little different these days, with an enlarged stand at the Rutland Water show shared with our sister brand BirdGuides, and a healthy sideline in books and multimedia products as well as magazines.

Birdwatch is also now an Associate Sponsor of the show and for some years has published the official programme. Through this role I'm delighted to say that we contribute up to £25,000 each year towards Birdfair appeals - the 2015 event is fundraising to help stop the illegal killing of millions of birds in the eastern Mediterranean, a cause well worth supporting.

Here are a few images from this year's Birdfair, which judging by the huge crowds present (especially on the Friday) was evidently another great success. All credit to co-founder Tim Appleton MBE (and former colleague Martin Davies) for devising, developing and maintaining a format which has not only stood the test of time, but which is now much emulated in Britain and around the world. 

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